Ultra-Chic 3D Printed Bikini bathing suit Cleans the Ocean

Mihri Ozkan and her spouse, Cengiz, aren’t your run of the mill style architects. Truth be told, they’re not style architects at all–but they as of late made a shockingly chic swimsuit that is planned to do much more than supplement its wearer’s body. This somewhat 3D printed swimming outfit is intended to clean the water in which it’s inundated.

3d printed spongesuit


The Ozkans planned the Sponge Suit swimming outfit but rather as an end in itself to showcase the material from which it is made. It sounds completely bonkers–wearing a wipe swimsuit that retains water appears somewhat like strapping on a few sandbags when you’re inspiring prepared to fly. On the other hand, the material the suit is produced using really repulses water while it does its employment, which is to clean the water of toxins.


Dr. Mihri Ozkan is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and a participating employee in the Bioengineering, Chemistry and Material Science Program at the University of California Riverside. Whenever Dr. Ozkan isn’t imagining smart methods for tidying up the world’s contaminated seas, her examination exercises are, says her site page on the UC Riverside site, “concentrated on the improvement of modern scale propelled vitality stockpiling gadgets, for example, batteries and supercapacitors.”

3d printed bikini tops

Dr. Ozkan, her spouse, Cengiz who is likewise a Professor of Electrical Engineering with the Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside, and two PhD understudies, Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay, made the wipe material and the Sponge Suit swimming outfit, which as of late won first prize in the Reshape15: Wearable Technology Competition. Reshape, says the association’s site, is an “online stage advancing exploration, instruction and creation of computerized thoughts.” It likewise offers originators an online business sector in which to offer their products–or their thoughts, which can be prototyped by creators in the Reshape group.

The material from which the eco-cognizant swimming outfit is made is called–probably not surprisingly–Sponge. Specifically, it is intended to tidy up substance and oil slicks furthermore to desalinate water. It is a to a great degree permeable carbon material that, notwithstanding dousing up poisons and repulsing water, is shockingly lightweight and adaptable. It gains its name as, fantastically, it can assimilate pretty much (it changes in view of the thickness of whatever it is engrossing) 25 times its weight.

3d printed bikini


While the thought for Sponge is Dr. Ozkan’s and her team’s, the idea of the Sponge Suit must be credited to Eray Carbajo, a construction modeling and outline firm situated in Istanbul and New York City. Dr. Ozkan and her lab group worked with the Inanc Eray, Gonzalo Carbajo, and Pinar Guvenc of the firm to form the Sponge Suit into a 3D printable outline based, said its Eray Carbajo inventors, on “different cycles of the same undulating structure.”

The final result is a ultra-chic Sponge Suit swimsuit comprising of a 3D-printed adaptable plastic or “elastomer” casing and a Sponge embed. The whole two-piece weighs just 1.9oz or 54 grams and the material is 2mm thick. The insert–the Sponge material–can be utilized 20 times before it starts losing its ability to ingest contaminants, which wind up in the material and never reach the skin of the swimming outfit’s wearer.

Amazingly, the Sponge material does not discharge the poisons it retains unless it is subjected to temperatures more than 1,000°C (or 1,832°F). It presumably abandons saying that you’d have significantly more to stress over in warmth that high than your skin coming into contact with poisons.


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