Meet the IMP – World’s Fastest 3D Printer by Carima

The world’s fastest 3D printer is here now. In an exhibition held quite recently, manufacturers of a South Korean company Carima displayed their C –CAT printing technology. This is the 3D ‘Imp’ model printer scheduled to be released this year. It is currently focused towards various industries which include dental, jewelry and others. The technology also enables people to use materials having great latitude and flexibility.

carima fastest 3d printer imp

The original design of the model was shown off at the EuroMold exhibition last year, where the crowd was amazed by its high speed and accuracy. The speed rises when run continuously. Carima holds a patent for this kind of technology and has already been ranked as the seventh best industrial printer, globally. Currently, the printer has a range of product lineup for both offices and industries such as – Master EV (200 X 112 X 200 mm) and DP110E (110 X 80 X 190 mm).

The C-CAT technology has the ability to print 60 cm³ per hour and thickness layer of 0.001 mm. The technology offers a printing speed of 2 – 3 cm³ per hour having a layer of thickness of 0.1 mm. Users will look forward to the new release – a machine that can work at super high speed with materials like plastic.

carima 3d printer imp

The founding company – Carima, has received numerous achievement awards and accolades. It also has its services in Korea, where users are allowed to simply send files via mail, choose appropriate materials and the specific printing size of the model. After which it gets shipped.


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