How 3D Printing Technology is Revolutionizing Fashion

3D printing is quite a buzzword now, isn’t it? The technology has created a revolution in many industries like automobile and surgical. And now, it has extended its reach to the fashion world! So, what’s the result of the blend of 3D printing and fashion? Incredible garments, striking jewelry and out-of-the box shoes! 3D printing is set to take style to a new level…. Although 3D printed clothes have not become mainstream yet, however, some famous fashion designers have already started experimenting with this technology, and they have come up with some amazing garments and accessories that were simply inconceivable before.

Geometric shapes, when worn as accessories, can make a style statement, and 3D printed jewelry proves this! You can find jewelery made of different materials and in different shapes and designs, in the collection of 3D printed jewelry. Want to stand out of the crowd at a party? All you need is a 3D printed necklace! The technology has enabled architects and designers to create innovative designs in shoes, which give a new face to footwear. With 3D printing, footwear designers are gradually shifting from the traditional to the modern, and their creations are awestrucking….

Here is an infographic featuring some of the incredible products the fashion world has come up with, thanks to 3D printing technology.

3d printing infographics


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