Halloween Costume: 3D Printed Sliding Wolverine Claws

Dickens told “This is the best of time; this is the worst of time”. Standing in the scary week of Halloween and soaking the sheer darkness of New Moon, one can only think about the latter part of the great quote. However, Hallowen is over. So does the trend of uploading images in Hallowen costumes which were boring, dull, repetitive, and certainly not attractive. Dracula, widow donning white apparel, pirate dresses again dominated this Hallowen fashion spree. In quest of something new and attractive, 3dprinterx.com ends the journey at the doorstep of Wolvernie Claws.

3d printed halloween claws


For any super-hero aficionado and X-Men follower, Wolvernie does not need any introduction. This powerful mutant’s claws represent his difficult past and bear the burns of his personality.  In the middle of tried and tested apparels the new Wolvernie Claws will not only distinct one from the herd but make a fashion statement of your own.



French 3D printing experts LeFabShop’s Samuel N. Bernier is the man behind the exclusive claw. A video posted by the French maverick shows how to get the 3D printed sliding Wolvernie claws.  The video shows that how dexterously the claws have been made step by step. And guess what, like the fictional claws, it too produces a jaw-dropping sound when opened and closed. The claws were designed using Autodesk Fusion 360 software and it has worked wonder.

3d printed halloween costume


Commenting on his brainchild Bernier credited his addiction towards super-hero. Hallowen is the best moment of the year to scream out one’s admiration of a super hero, told he.  And what better character Samuel N.


Bernier would get than Wolvernie who is sage in notion and evil in action. Have doubt? As per Wolvernie, “In my whole life, I felt like an animal. I ignored my instincts. And I ignored what I really am. And that won’t be ever happen again”. Now things are looking Creepy!!!


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