Francis Bitonti Studio, United Nude and 3D Systems

Do you remember this amazing feat of 3D printed design and beauty from 2013?

Studio Bitonti, the company that designed and printed Dita Von Teese’s gorgeous 3D printed gown, are expanding their services by teaming up with United Nude and 3D Systems for the release their collection Mutatio. Today they announced the new name of the design practice led by Francis Bitonti. The collection includes a shoe developed in collaboration with United Nude.

The project is a speculation on the future of customization. Each shoe in the edition is unique generated by an algorithm developed by the designer. “It’s not so much about making something customizable. I wanted to think of a product as an algorithm,” says Francis Bitonti. Each shoe in the edition is uniquely generated by varying inputs to a computer application we developed in the studio.

The same software and algorithms were used to generate an accessories collection to be manufactured by 3D Systems and released this fall. The collection mixes both new and traditional crafting techniques. The heel of the shoe is 3D Printed so that each one can be unique and plated with gold and finished with a leather upper.

Studio Bitonti’s services include traditional & cutting-edge manufacturing methods with a strong emphasis on 3D printing, product design, and development of software tools. It employs a range of talent and design expertise, including computational designers and what Bitonti calls design futurists. “I want to put emphasis on our team.” Bitonti asserts, “We are working on complex interdisciplinary design problems, and we want to enable people to create the next generation of products.”

Studio Bitonti enables its clients to use new technologies on a variety of products and processes, and the new visual identity not only reflects the versatility the studio brings to its client relationships but also the shift in the studio’s project focus. Because the shift in the studio’s focus changed, so did its identity.

Designed by David Genco as a set of typographic stems that form the name, Studio Bitonti, this visual identity is driven by a system of vertical lines forming a modular field. Genco designed the new identity to adapt different patterns & textures, allowing it to express everything from the studio’s new name to the textured fields that have become a recurring pattern in the studio’s work.

Studio Bitonti enables clients to be innovative. With greater emphasis on engineering, research and design projects, pieces like those that brought Francis Bitonti Studio acclaim will continue to be produced. But like the new visual identity itself, which can dissolve from typography into pure texture, Studio Bitonti integrates seamlessly and transparently within its clients projects. Enabling clients to produce their own products is at the forefront of the studio’s new mission.


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